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Pro Dogs offer training in Hemel Hempstead and surrounding areas within a 15 mile radius.

Puppy Training 0-12 weeks

Puppy training can be overwhelming and home visits are highly recommended for those who wish to get a head start before entering in to a puppy school course. The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life needs to be filled with as many positive experiences as possible to make sure they become happy healthy dogs. Pro Dogs can recommend ways to deal with housetraining, play biting and separation anxiety. Whatever your puppy training query or need is, Pro Dogs will be happy to help. Simply get in touch for a consultation.

Puppy Training  12 weeks – 6 months

At this age Pro Dogs strongly recommends that puppies are enrolled in to a Puppy School Course through a Dog Club, this will ensure the puppy becomes socialised with other animals. However, Pro Dogs offers home visit consultations to discuss in detail any specific issues or concerns for the owner and family within the comfort of your home. These visits can be invaluable as puppies grow rapidly and any issues could become large behaviour problems if left untrained.

Dog Training

Pro Dogs offer home consultations to discuss and work through any dog behavioural problems with personalised practical exercises and recommendations based on the dog and the owner. Behaviour problems should not be ignored, as often the situation will only worsen. Pro Dogs are passionate at working through problems to make the dog and the owner’s life more enjoyable.


£35 for the first session where a development plan will be created together for owner and dog. £30 every session thereafter.
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